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Bluebell and Lark

Paper napkins for every occasion

At Bluebell and Lark we value nature, beauty and artistic flair. That’s why our napkins are designed by independent designers with unique styles, and are made and packaged without plastic.  


Our napkins are available to buy from select retail stores across the UK.

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Independent UK Designers

Plastic Free Packaging

NEW Product!

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Our Designs


Our paper napkins come in cardboard packaging,

with an extra napkin at the front to replace a plastic cover.

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Autumn 2024 Designs


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We are currently curating a list of hand picked stores to stock Bluebell and Lark napkins in their local area. If you're interested in becoming a stockist, please complete the sign up form and we will be in touch with you shortly. 

About Us

The faces behind Bluebell and Lark are Gabby and Jake, a brother and sister duo born in New Zealand and raised in Devon.

We grew up next to our family farm shop, where we spent our weekends and school holidays earning our pocket money.  After 15+ years of pursuing other careers in various cities and countries, we decided to come back to our roots. So, we jointly took on the family farm shop (bringing our own new little families along with us!) and decided to start our own small retail business alongside.

From our farm shop, we knew there was a market for paper napkins and we loved the new wave of plastic free products and packaging. We saw an opportunity to create beautifully designed paper napkins with a contemporary, boutique feel, and from there Bluebell and Lark was born.

Our Values

When creating Bluebell and Lark we kept coming back to two core values:

  • Independence - As small business owners we love to work with other independents and have purposefully chosen to only work with (amazing!) independent artists for our designs

  • Nature - We wanted our napkins to be a thing of beauty, which is why most of our designs are based on flowers, birds and other natural elements. Our focus on nature is also why we package without plastic


We have loved creating Bluebell and Lark and are so happy with the reception the napkins have had so far, both in our farm shop and further afield. We hope you love them too!  

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